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Let me know what you'd like to see Jennifer do next!

- Welcome our newest model Jennifer as she makes her Cast Fetish debut in a purple LLC. She crutches for the first time and poses as if she's trying to stretch and excercise in her LLC.

Then she crutches out of the cafe and back to the car.

There are lots of nice closeups in this one of Benetta's long pretty toes wiggling and splaying both when she is outside walking and reallyt great ones while she is in the cafe sitting and eating.

One wears a colored sock on his sick foot that does not rest on the ground The other has a white Sock, both very good with crutches https:// in Sock - Jennifer is in a purple LLC crutching for the very first time. Crutching is a little tricky for her at first, but she starts to get the hang of it after a few minutes.

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The previews above are nothing compared to what's in the gallery, so go see for yourself! Please feel free to contribute but please assign the photo,the credit according to the artist who did the adjusted image if possible.

So she gimps on over to a bus stop and standing on her one good foot she waits for the bus as folk check the girl with the exposed toes out.

On the bus she finally has a chance to warm her freezing toes and massage them before getting up and continuing her journey on cast foot.

Emma shows off her long toes, well at least four of them, in her term SLWC with her big toe plastered in a spica. With the irritation between her big and second toe caused by the plaster she decides to hang out at home. Its cold, there is snow on the ground and her poor little exposed tasted toes are freezing.

She prefers propping her casted foot up on the table and the camera gets shots of her casted foot and long toes from all angles including bottom sole shots. Her cast heel is also so high [to keep her toes off the ground in winter] that its hard to walk in her one chuck and she has use a cane dragging her cast foot to the side, which of course gets a lot of stares.

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