Literotica santa sex

She felt hot all over the heat centering on her loins. Slowly she ran the candy cane along her moist pussy. That felt good, how good must it feel when it was inside her.Running the tip along her moist lips she applied a bit more pressure, parting them. Her nails dug into her full breasts as she pushed the candy cane deeper into her pussy. She pulled back and pushed back in deeper and faster. With each push the cane slid a little deeper into her pussy. She did random sweeps of the city's streets first, but that didn't prove helpful.

Juelz played with her own tits and grinded her pussy in Amber's face. Amber screamed in surprise then giggled in delight as the hot sticky cum hit her face and her tits. After a while Tommy spoke first, "Okay, I want to know one thing. The place even had a chimney so she could get in easily. She walked around a few minutes before coming to a decision. She licked her lips as she noticed he was sleeping naked. Now being a curvaceous blonde with pale skin and piercing blue eyes. "I give you Merry Christmas," the woman growled pulling Amber away from the man and smacking her hand on Amber buttocks. The woman didn't stop and repeatedly slapped Amber's ass. Her boyfriend nodded; apparently he had pulled up Amber dress. Wrapping his hands around the Latina and started fondling her breasts. "Ohh fuuuck lick me good and maybe Tommy will fuck you good," moaned Juelz.The following night Amber would sneak in there and get him to fuck her. She grinned and her giggle was accompanied by the slight sound of bells. She would just take what she wanted, he surly wouldn't complain. He somehow looked bigger under the sheets than in the shower, must be the sheets. Amber grabbed his cock with both hands and ran her tongue along the shaft. Now that she was his size she took his shaft in one hand and ran her tongue up and down his cock. Amber felt the stinging pain, but also felt arousal. Tommy was kneading and squeezing Juelz firm tits more forcefully.Amber slid deeper on his cock bobbing her head up and down. Taking hold of her hips Tommy mounted Amber from behind and started pounding her pussy hard. Amber's eyes opened wide as Tommy slid a finger into her ass.His moaning told her that he enjoyed her treatment. He grabbed her hips and started spanking the Elf's already glowing ass as he picked up speed hammering Amber's pussy from behind. "OHHHHH MY FUUUUUUUUCK," she screamed as her climax crashed over her. "I am Santa's naughty helper." Accompanied by the sounds of bells she shrunk to her tiny elf form and buzzed through the window.

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