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Minors who have experienced complex trauma in their childhood are particularly vulnerable to these forms of polyvictimization.

Their complex traumatic experiences as young children not only elevate their risk for re-victimization through commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking but also give rise to a destructive cycle of stigmatization that permeates their lives before, during, and well beyond their exploitation.

Provides quality medical care for kids and teens from doctors and nurses who speak their language.

Globally, an estimated 20.9 million persons are exploited for their labor in a multitude of industries, including the commercial sex industry.

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    Nigerian dating allows you to meet as well as date men and women who are looking for lasting romantic relationships.

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    It’s alright to want to see her and it’s alright to miss her when you are apart. Time apart makes the time together that much better. The sad truth is the female sex has a nasty reputation for being clingy. Women want to be pursued but we lose attraction when a man is clingy.