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Title: The Challenge: Vendettas Location: Gibraltar, Great Britain Cast: Alicia Wright Are You The One: Season 5Thoughts:· There has been a lot of confusion surrounding the format for this season.Originally it was reported they were doing a Battle of the Bloodlines 2, which just about caused a revolt in trying to prevent it.My only guess is that MTV likes to set up a clear underdog to maintain the possibility of a final challenge upset, but the only time that works is when the underdog wins via some technicality, like when Eric passed out during the final challenge of , preventing the team from having “every team member cross the finish line.” What MTV should do is have an individual competition in the first episode, with the two winners earning the rights to pick their teams as “captain” playground style.3) I’m starting to think Tonya is actually unstable.Posted October 1, 2009 by John S in Real World/Road Rules Challenge, Sports, TV. 1) Has there ever been a more dislikable housemate/cast-member than Wes? Challengers, Cohutta, Johanna, Kelly Anne, love pentagons, MTV, Power Rankings, Real World/Road Rules Challenge, the gauntlet III, The Real World, The Ruins, Tonya, unfair teams, Veronica, Wes Bergmann.This will be the first time Bunim-Murray has grabbed people from a show not MTV, and many have speculated this means we will soon be seeing Challengers on Celebrity Big Brother.

He’s mean, but not entertainingly so like Veronica.In last night’s episode, Wes whined like a baby when his team refused to follow his method of nominating players for elimination and threatened to throw the challenge.It was tremendously satisfying when the challenge proved to be unthrowable, and Wes ended up in the elimination anyway.I don’t see any way that the “Challengers” actually pull this off.Their best hope was Wes throwing challenges for them, but that failed this time, and eventually Wes is going to get sent home if keeps up his active sabotage.

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