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But could small glaciers have formed in these mountains as recently as The Little Ice Age?

Some glacier-climate models calibrated with cooler summers suggest that they could.

Following the widespread use of radiocarbon dating in the decades after the Second World War, it was established that the last Scottish glaciers disappeared about 11,500 years ago at the close of the last glacial period.

Many of the cirques of upland Britain are now occupied by lakes and peat bogs which began to form soon after the ice disappeared.

The following is an extract from his famous letter to Robert Jameson (1774–1854) that was published in The Scotsman on 7 October 1840 and in The Manchester Guardian a week later: “…The Scottish uplands receive very heavy snowfalls as the superb photograph of Beinn Mheadoin peak (1182 m) and Shelter Stone Crag in the centre of the Cairngorms range very clearly shows.Many snow patches with a northerly aspect survive until late summer.He is especially interested in the mountain landscapes of the Mediterranean and published The Physical Geography of the Mediterranean for OUP in 2009.He is the author of The Ice Age: A Very Short Introduction.

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