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Three words: Open Source Beer Missouri Town Changes Name to 'Linux' LINUX, MO -- The small Missouri town of Linn, county seat of Osage County, announced yesterday that it will be henceforth called 'Linux'."The Linn, er, Linux community center probably won't be big enough, we'll probably have to hold it in nearby Jefferson City," she said. Noah Morals, says he will start an ad campaign calling Bob Farrow "the Incumbent Liar of LIE-nucks".The protest broke up a few minutes later once it was realized that the state legislature wasn't in session."We may have wasted our time today," one advocate said, "But we'll be back later." State and Microsoft officials were unavailable for comment at press time. 'Kitchen Sink' OS Announced Coding has begun on a new operating system code named 'Kitchen Sink'. One programmer explained, "Since many hackers spend a vast amount of their time in Emacs, why not just make it the operating system?New fashion style: Scantily clad females, even in twenty below weather 8. She hopes to be able to hold a Linux Convention this fall. " One of the mayor's contenders in the next election, Mr. Microsoft stock certificates traded as rare collectors' items, along with Confederate money and Roman coins 4. I thought to myself, 'Self, changing the town's name to 'Linux' could be an opportunity to attract attention -- and money -- to our town."First open source beer, and soon open source soft drinks!

Open source is a fad," a spokesman for Buddwizzer Beer, Inc. In addition, other beverage distributors are nervous.

The Windows box shows "AM -- January 1, 1900" while the Linux box shows "AM -- January 1, 2000".

The tagline at the bottom says "Linux -- a century ahead of the competition." Open Source Beer Revolution Yesterday, Red Hat introduced an 'open source' beer called Red Brew.

After all, the only thing hackers like more than free software is free beer!

" Following the Red Hat annoucement, other companies are racing to launch their own beer 'distribution'. Meanwhile, Patrick Volkerding is working on a Slack Beer distribution, and Debian Brew is expected soon.

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